Our History

In an effort to recognize strength and power athletes The Strength and Power Hall of Fame was born. The Strength and Power Hall of Fame, in addition to recognizing unique accomplishment, was also founded on the guideposts of acknowledging those of outstanding sportsmanship and contribution. Simply stated, our goal is to not only recognize the greats in the strength world, but to also honor those who go above and beyond when giving back to the community and who promote the growth of our collective number of sports (powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman/woman, track and field, wrestling, etc)!

The Strength and Power Hall of Fame was first conceived when Bill Clark was approached by a top federation regarding the creation of a powerlifting hall of fame. Bill, being a powerlifter, but also a former Olympic weightlifter and professional strongman believed that such a hall of fame would be better by serving all in the strength world--not just powerlifters. Upon conferring with close friends and strength legends Larry Bucchioni and Don Reinhoudt, the three decided that it was time to create a unique hall of fame that did just that---honored all strength and power athletes--in all fields and sports, from powerlifters to shot putters and discus throwers, to wrestlers, and beyond! Don Reinhoudt was elected as the first President to the Strength and Power Hall of Fame, Bill Clark was voted in as Vice President, and Larry Bucchioni served as recruitment officer and liaison. Larry quickly brought in trusted professionals and lifters like Eric LeBlanc and Rick Bucinell. The Strength and Power Hall of Fame's current focus is on athletes in the United States. The Hall of Fame will be expanding to other countries in the near future.

As of May 2022 the Strength and Power Hall of Fame is recognized as a registered 501(3)(c).