Mission Statement

The Strength and Power Hall of Fame Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Strength and Power Hall of Fame is to honor the leaders, legends, and heroes of strength sports, preserve the history of these sports, and promote the values consistent with drug-free, humble, and community engaged champions!

Values and Ethics

The Selection Committee (SC) recognizes the accomplishments of strength and power athletes! As a matter of subsequence, it is the chief priority of the afore-mentioned to provide a place where those involved in our sports can connect with each other in a friendly and professional manner. The Selection Committee also believes that many can be inducted into this Hall. In other words, the SC does not feel that a large number of honorees will diminish or devalue the honor itself. However, it is agreed that there must be criteria for admittance.


The Selection Committee recognizes that strength athletes are rarely given the credit they deserve. As small money sport athletes, powerlifters, olympic weightlifters, strongmen, strong-women, shot-putters, as well as others of the like, are rarely featured or covered in the media. We very well may be the most mis-perceived grouping of athletes in the world. In large part, it is do to both ignorance and an unwillingness by those in the media to explore our world. Recently, university studies have revealed what we have known to be true for decades. Strength athletes are among the most explosive, fastest, and well conditioned in the world. Furthermore, our value to major league sports like football, baseball, etc. is undeniable. Are there any top athletes today that don't use what we have been doing and preaching for decades? The benefits of strength and power training are obvious! Even still, we are rarely credited, and that is the main purpose of this Hall of Fame. It's about time that we pay tribute to, and honor, ourselves!