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Artie Drechsler Biography

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

No other name in the world of USA Olympic Weightlifting carries more respect than that of 2019 New York and National Strength and Power Hall of Fame Inductee Artie Drechsler—and for good reason! Artie’s resume spans decades, and included in those wonderful years are more highlights and accomplishments that can be noted in this brief bio. Quite simply, we won’t be able to do justice to what he has brought to the iron sports. Nonetheless and as an athlete, Art set two Jr. World Records in 1970 and was selected to the United States’ Olympic Weightlifting World Team in 1973. Art easily met the qualifying totals for and competed in numerous Senior National Championships and was even crowned Junior National Champion back in the 1970s. Being a highly accomplished athlete, as Artie was, is one thing, but being a contributor and promoter of strength sports is quite another.

As a coach, Artie’s credentials are just as impressive. The list of those trained by Mr. Drechsler is in many regards a “who’s who” in weightlifting, but includes Olympian and National Champion Jerry Hannah and Women’s World Champion, Karen Marshall (there is little question that Karen Marshall would have been an Olympian as well, but the International Olympic Committee had not yet recognized women’s weightlifting). That stated and without getting too far ahead, Art was also instrumental in getting the first women’s nationals organized. He has also coached numerous national level lifers and was selected as Assistant Coach for the World Team. Artie continues to coach at the famous Lost Battalion Training Hall in New York City.

Artie's love of weightlifting, powerlifting, and strength and power sports is evident in his continued activities and commitments as an official, administrator, and ambassador. Mr. Drechsler has been Chair of the Board of Administrators for USA Weightlifting for 4 years and has served for a total of 23, has been a Category 1 international referee since 1981, and has organized and directed almost countless numbers of meets and competitions! Artie has also been the AAU/USAW Club President since 1977 and has worked behind the scenes to foster and pave the way for athlete monetary incentives and a new and updated code of conduct for athletes to follow. The great Artie Drechsler currently serves as President of the Association of Oldtime Barbel & Strongmen and has published numbers of articles for various magazines and periodicals. Additionally, Artie wrote and published, The Weightlifting Encyclopedia and its video companion. Writing a bio for such an accomplished individual as Artie Drechsler is no easy task because there just isn’t enough space, but the message should be clear— Artie Drechsler is an outstanding individual and wonderful contributor to our iron world.

Quite frankly and with all of the credentials mentioned, and there are many more that weren’t, it’s impossible to put a pulse or measuring stick on the impact that Hall of Famer Artie Drechsler has had on the strength and power world. What we do know is that we are thankful for all that he has done and continues to do! Both the National Strength and Power Hall of Fame and it’s New York State Chapter are proud to induct Mr. Artie Drechsler into the class of 2019!

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