Dr. Robert James Haley New Jersey Strength and Power HoF inductee 2023 (Contributor)

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

Personal history:
Bob Haley has spent over 40 years promoting drug free strength and health. As a lifter, coach, lecturer, writer and chiropractor. Early on as a olympic lifter and all around weight lifter. Dr. Haley promoted strength and power, as a early USA weightlifting certified coach, as well as, being a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist for 35 years. Bob Haley was the first official strength and conditioning coordinator at Jersey City State College (NJCU) and coached olympic weightlifting at USA weightlifting regional camps. Bob Haley completed for MOTBY weightlifting club in Bayonne, NJ under the leadership of Coach Chris Fluellen, where he also served as an assistant coach. As a chiropractor, Dr. Haley has lectured at many NSCA NJ clinics and community groups on strength, health and dealing with injuries. For many years, he wrote a regular column on training injuries for TRAIN magazine. Dr. Haley still helps people understand the proper mechanics of olympic lifting to help reduce back injury.

What led you to your sport:
I wanted to develop strength for wrestling and watching the Olympics drew me to Olympic lifting.

NJ State Olympic weightlifting champion , 1988 IAWA and US AWA World and National all -around weightlifting champion, 1989 Junior Metropolitan olympic lifting champion Multiple state Olympic Lifting medalist. Member of multiple NJ state all-star weightlifting teams junior and senior levels. Multiple Five time Garden State Games medialist American Weightlifting Association National, bronze medalist, 1989 WNPF Single lift state, national and world titles as a master. lifting in competition after 16 years to motivate patients to exercise as they age.

State, National and World records:
IAWA World all around weightlifting hip lift record, 1220 pounds US all around national continental clean 275 US all around national right hand snatch 132 WNPF master world raw 45-49 squat 320 WNPF master world raw 45-49 squat 350 WNPF master NJ state raw 40-44 squat 350

Other accomplishments:
First strength coach Jersey City state College 1988-1989, dates might might slightly off. Multiple NJ and regional olympic lifting medal winner selected for olympic development camp, York Barbell selected as one of the first strength coaches to be a certified USA weightlifting (USWF) level one olympic lifting coach at the US Olympic training center at Colorado Springs 1988. In 2002 I was selected for a sports medicine rotation at the USOC in Colorado Springs to work on our olympians, including resident olympic lifters. Probably at the time one of the few who got selected for a sports science and sports medicine program at the USOC

Other activities:
Multi time appropriatly, 5-6 time presenter at the NSCA NJ State clinics helping strength coaches and trainers. Multiple community lectures on strength training for osteporosis, low back pain and weightlifting for high school athletes. Wrote a monthly column for 4 years for Train Hard Fight Easy and TRAIN magazine. As part of my treatment plans i instruct patients on proper back conditioning and lifting using proper body mechanics from olympic lifting days. I use a light olympic bar and isometric lift plate, inspired by Bill March's old training.

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