Corrinne Grotenhuis Illinois Strength and Power HoF inductee 2023

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

Personal history:
I have been involved in Olympic weightlifting since 1982. I have attended 22 senior nationals. Currently I have won 10 world master championships and was inducted into the IWF masters HOF in 2013. I was inducted in the USA Masters HOF in 2013 for a significant contributor. I was inducted in the USA Masters HOF in 2011 as an athlete. I was inducted into USAW HOF in 2022. I was awarded the Mabel Rader award by USAW in 2018 for contribution to womens weightlifting. I have also been included at one of the top 16 for USA weightlifting as leaders in women's weightlifting. I have been inducted into the Elgin Sports HOF. I have been honored in 2021 for the highest award in the Elgin sports HOF. Received the Lifetime Achievement Award. One of the pioneers of women's weightlifting in the USA. Was the competition secretary , and USA representative for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

What led you to your sport:
in 1981 there was the 2nd annual women's national weightlifting championship being held in St Charles. I went to the competition and really did not understand it at age 15. Met with the coach who put the competition on and told him that I wanted to become a bodybuilder. The coach was Mike Huszka, and he said to me that he would have to get me stronger first before going into bodybuilding. Mike started to train me in Olympic weightlifting, and 43 years later i haven't stopped.

State, National and World records:
I have set master national and pan am records in the past. they have all since been broken and the weight classes have changed. I have received the 2 highest awards in Elgin Sports Foundation has. inducted in to the HOF as an athlete and the Lifetime Acheivement award.

Other accomplishments:
I created my own master swim team 30 years ago. Currently we rank 2nd place in the state of Illinois. I am the founder and coach of the team. Several swimmers are on the board for State Records and National Records. I have won coach of the year for swimming for the state of Illinois.

Other activities:
I currently sit on the board for the IMWA -international masters weightlifting association. I am currently the 1ST and only Female on the board for the master's pan am federation. I do travel as a Cat 1 referee all over the world representing USA for team USA and for masters. I am currently on the Technical committee for USAW.

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