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Frederick Winter*


1904 Olympic Team





Frederick won the silver medal in the All-Around Dumbbell Contest. The dumbbell contest consisted of 10 events. Frederick was in the lead going into the 10th event. For the 10th event, the athletes could choose the lift they wanted to perform. Frederick chose a one-arm push-up with 105 lbs on his back and performed six repetitions. However, due to the odd scoring system devised by the judges, he did not score enough points to maintain first place and win the silver medal.


Frederick was born in Germany. He moved to New York and represented the New Westside Athletic Club of New York. He was President of the German Athletic Club of New York and was a café owner in New York.

Weightlifting at the 1904 Olympics - Physical Culture Study


*Frederick Winters is the usual spelling. However, Frederick’s obituary spells his last name as Winter. See findagrave Frederick Winter 1/7/1873-4/26/1915, New York.


See Physical Culture Study Weightlifting at the 1904 Olympics by Conor Heffernan 9/28/2016. Available online.

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