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Mihaly “Mike” Huszka



Mike was born in Hungary and started lifting about 1957. He became a world class athlete and lifted in several World and European Championships, 2 Olympics and several international tournaments. Mike immigrated to the United States in 1967 and began to focus on coaching as well as continuing to compete.

Additional bio information:

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10th 148lb class 1959 World Championships

5th 148lb class 1959 European Championships

6th 165lb class 1960 Olympic Games

5th 148lb class 1961 Prize of Moscow Weightlifting Tournament

2nd 165lb class 1962 European Championships

2nd 165lb class 1962 World Championships

3rd 165lb class 1962 Prize of Moscow Invitational Tournament

2nd 165lb class 1963 European Championships

2nd 165lb class 1963 World Championships

3rd 165lb class 1964 World Invitational Meet

3rd 165lb class 1964 Paris Invitational

6th 165lb class 1964 Olympic Games


Mike was a 25X Masters National Champion and a 15X World Masters Champion and World Record holder. Mike was named Grand Master Weightlifter of the Century.

Mike coached the excellent Duncan YMCA Team (Chicago) in the late 1960’s. Several international athletes were part of that team. Mike coached 6 Olympians, 15 International athletes, 34 National Champions, 20 national record holders and 1 world record holder.


Mike is a US Olympic Weightlifting Coach and is a member of the IWF Hall of Fame and the National Masters Hall of Fame.


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