Richard Shutz Illinois Strength and Power HoF inductee 2023

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame


                                                          Richard “Rich” Shutz

Rich started lifting weights in the late 1970s. His father, Fred, the 1958 Senior National Champion in the 198lb class, was his initial coach. Later, he was coached by Roger Nielsen. Rich lifted for the Sayre Park Weightlifting Club for much of his career. Rich is a 2X Olympian, 9X Senior National Champion, 2X Pan American games silver medalist, and a 5X US Olympic Festival Champion.


1st 100kg class 1986 Senior Nationals

1st 110kg class 1987 Senior Nationals

2nd 110kg class 1987 Pan American Games

1st 100kg class 1988 Senior Nationals

11th 110kg class 1988 Olympic Games

1st 100kg class 1989 Senior Nationals

1st 110kg class 1990 Senior Nationals

1st 100kg class 1991Senior Nationals

2nd 110kg class 1991 Pan American Games

1st 110kg class 1992 Senior Nationals

18th 110kg class 1992 Olympics

1st 108kg class 1993 Senior Nationals

1st 99kg class 1994 Senior Nationals

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