Bob Peoples Tennessee Strength and Power HoF inductee 2022

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame


John Robert “Bob” Peoples



Bob was a lifter, farmer, inventor, author, politician, and factory worker. Bob would often train at 2:00 am after working a 12-16 hour shift during the World War 2 years. Bob usually trained alone as there were few lifters in the rural area where Bob Lived. Bob was the first lifter to deadlift over 700lbs officially. In 1949, at 40 years old, Bob officially deadlifted a world’s record 725 3/4lbs at 181lbs bodyweight. This was the greatest weight ever officially deadlifted at that time, regardless of weight class. Bob set several world records in the deadlift and would deadlift more than lifters weighing over 300 lbs. Bob was also the Tennessee State Champion in weightlifting and held state weightlifting records for several years. Bob could squat 530 pounds and bench press over 300 pounds. At age 55, Bob was still deadlifting 650 lbs.


Bob was also an inventor and innovator. He developed his training methods and invented and manufactured his, including what was probably the first known power rack. Bob was also an author and wrote Developing Physical Strength in 1979. Bob also helped a young Paul Anderson develop his tremendous strength. Bob is a member of the National Powerlifting Hall of Fame and the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.



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