Chad Clark Virginia Strength and Power HoF inductee 2019

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

Chad Clark

Proudly born and raised in Roanoke , Virginia


Competitive strength athlete from age 33 to present with no plans of stopping.

Highland games , Strongman , Grip , Mas Wrestling and Powerlifting all actively involved in on some level.



competed in aau , Usapl , uspa , spf , 100% raw , rps 

former USPA certified judge

over the years have put on unsanctioned powerlifting meets to help raise money for angels of asissi and also st judes.



Director of Armlifting USA 

Armlifting USA meet promoter

for past 2 years serve as judge for Armlifting USA competition at the Arnold



competed in both Strongman Corporation and aau feats of strength, as well as tons of unsanctioned events

2018 Strongman Corporation state chair of the year

2016 - 2018 ran Star city strongman event here in Roanoke , VA . A strongman Corporation sanctioned event which also served as fundraiser for angels of asissi .

Have served as a judge from local to national level competitions.

Currently in the process of trying to bring the Strongman Corporation strongest woman in the world competition and Strongman corporation nationals to my hometown.


Mas Wrestling

 vice president for Mas Wrestling USA

Member of the Mas Wrestling presidium , part of the governing body of the international mas Wrestling federation 

coach , ref , and promoter of the sport 

first American to judge at world championships in Russia

Have had the honor to take athletes to compete in Poland , Russia(×2) , Finland , Hungary, Canada , and Kyrgyzstan.


Stone lifting

a hobby and a  passion

have lifted many of the historic stones of strength in Scotland ,including the historic inver stone.

Was fortunate to give a seminar/lecture to the Glasgow university powerlifting and weightlifting team on stonelifting with 2 great friends and authors Martin Jancsics and James Grahame.

Have included natural stone lifting to the highland games events I put on in order to keep the spirit and tradition alive 


Highland games

athletics director for the Radford Highlanders festival

athletes director for the Sedalia center Celtic festival

Director of the Green hill highland games

Judge / coordinator / promoter for Highland games East Coast championships

Have served as judge for highland games at the Arnold as well as Masters World championship in Reykjavik, Iceland


Most proud accomplishment is the Green hill highland games going into its 12th year , I have ran it the past 10. This annual event is free to the public , I'm born and raised here and it's an honor to be able to give back to my community ( we had over 4000 people in attendance this year ) but not only that but it also serves as a fundraiser for the veterans charity Warrior 360.

My dad was a navy veteran and did tons of charity work here in the Roanoke valley and it's an honor to follow in his footsteps.


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